JavaScript Quizzes

Whether you are a JavaScript expert or a novice, you might want to assess your proficiency using our JavaScript quizzes. All these quizzes have been made using the JQwiz script. With JQwiz, creating a new quiz is as simple as one-two-three! For more information about JQwiz, see JQwiz Guide. Currently the following quizzes are available:

  • JavaScript Basics Quiz
  • JavaScript Arrays Quiz

    Quizzes of general interest and fun tests:

  • European Flags. Quiz 1
  • European Flags. Quiz 2
  • European Flags. Quiz 3
  • Hiding Animals (fun test)

    You are welcome to suggest topics for new quizzes or give your comments regarding the existing quizzes. Copyright © 1999-2000, Alexei Kourbatov